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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
9:21 pm - Pictures from Jayne and Ash's Wedding!
Check out pictures from Jayne and Ash's Wedding on Saturday, September 30th!

Not my best photographs by a long shot, but here are the ones that came out the best. I don't know what happened with my camera, but ~50% of my pictures came out out-of-focus and/or blurry. Arrgh!

It was a great weekend! The wedding was gorgeous, everyone's dresses/tuxes were beautiful, food was beyond belief, and Jayne and Ash looked sooooooooo happy!!!! I'm glad I got to spend so much time with people I haven't seen in forever...George and I figured out that we hadn't seen each other in almost 2 years, I hadn't seen Haink and Nicole since their wedding last August, or Jayne, Ash, Tina, and Mike Also since Jayne's wedding shower in May. (You may think, what about Jason? I saw him the weekend before in Philly when I went swing dancing...hehehe) Yay for the hotel hot tub and free wireless internet in the rooms.....provided for hours of entertainment when wedding-y stuff wasn't happening! Can we say, ;o)

I can't wait for the next time we get all these people together again, hopefully with some other people that were missed this time (hint hint Laurie)...It'll probably be for the next wedding, but I don't see any of those happening again in the near future, unfortunately. Try to keep in touch everyone, maybe we'll have to come up with something instead.....maybe a weekend together somewhere for the fun of it?

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Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
11:15 pm - Jayne's Bridal Shower
So last weekend, I:

  • Cut off 10 inches of my hair at 9 am Friday.

  • Drove to Rochester, PA (near Pittsburgh) at 10 am Friday.

  • Arrived at Also's apartment in Rochester at 4:15ish pm Friday. (One of the longest and most boring drives I've ever taken....probably because I was driving alone with only a radio player, and because it was I-81 to I-80 to I-79. So boring.....)
  • Rejoiced at seeing Also for the first time since August!

  • Rejoiced when Tina arrived around 6 pm, seeing her for the first time since August!

  • Dinner with Also and Tina (yummy Chinese food!), then saw Also's band....yay for the song "New Girl Down in Pittsburgh"!

  • Donuts with Tina and Also Saturday morning.

  • Jayne's Bridal Shower Saturday afternoon. Tina and I got slightly lost on the way there (missed a turn with poor signage), but got there with plenty of time. Alex was the best behaved 4.5 year old I've seen in a while! She's better than most of the kindergarteners and first graders I see all the time substituting. Tina's bridal shower game was a hoot! (See pictures for details.) Ash's mom made the cake, which was gorgeous and tasted divine! I wish I would have gotten a picture of it. Overall, definitely a fun time.

    I was a bit bummed that I didn't get a chance to really talk to Jayne (or Ash), or to say "bye" to them.....I was helping Tina get into her hotel room near the end of the shower, and when we returned to the bridal shower room 5 minutes after getting Tina to her room, everyone had disappeared. :o(

  • Drove 2 hours to Johnstown to spend the night with Heather and Brad.

  • Pizza and local soft-serve ice cream with Heather and Brad!

  • Playstation Jeopardy! with Heather Sunday morning

  • Lunch and shopping with Heather

  • Driving home for 5 hours.....

I think I was on the road more than I was with people this weekend, really.....but oh well. It was worth driving to Pittsburgh to see Tina, Also, Jayne, and Ash, even if just for a few, I got to see my sister (and take some of my clothes back that she borrowed!).

Want to see some pictures? Take a peek!

As for me.....I'm booked for substituting until the end of May, but not for any days after. Unless something major comes up (teacher illness), I probably won't go in during June. Summer job - Camp Archbald (my local Girl Scout Camp). I'll be out of cell phone contact all summer starting mid-June to the middle of August, except for a few Saturdays. I'll post my summer address (if people want to use actual mail *gasp*) when I remember what the camp address is.....

Have terrific Memorial Day weekends everyone! :o)

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Saturday, January 14th, 2006
8:59 pm - Going to Biloxi, Mississippi
Tomorrow morning, I'm going on a mission trip to Biloxi, Mississippi for clean up from Hurricane Katrina. I've heard that it's worse than anyone's seen on TV. I'll take pictures and see if I get around to uploading them.

It's just something I feel like I have to do.

Time to get back to packing. Be back late on the 22nd....

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Monday, January 9th, 2006
9:55 pm - More Weddings
Well, I guess I asked for it when I said who's next...more weddings that I've heard about!

Kitrina and Josh R. - October 13th, 2006

Kit is one of my really great friends from Blue Ridge. I didn't even know she was dating Josh R. Joanna told me that Kit was engaged right before Christmas, but I didn't catch the name. Funny thing is, I wouldn't have even known who Josh R. was until I saw the picture...because he dated Nicole in HS! But Kit seems happy...I need to run down and see her and her ring! Of course, the conversation went as follows:

April: I heard some news about you from Joanna......
Kit: =-O what news
Kit: ?
Kit: i have no news? =-O
April: engagement?
Kit: =-O *gasp*
Kit: who would say such a thing
Kit: by the way i will be needing your address to send an invite
April: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
April: so, it is true?
Kit: lol uh yea you know it is

Rumors of engagement from Autumn and Ray from swing ring, but Autumn told me they've been discussing it seriously recently.

So that's 6 upcomings...and only one set date that I know about (Kit and Josh's). I hope the date isn't the same as Jayne and Ash's! I wouldn't want to miss the either of the two weddings!

They're all coming out of the woodwork now...I'm sure another few will surface in the next few months. It's all so cute and lovebirdy and romantic and *happy sigh*

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Monday, January 2nd, 2006
6:08 pm - Big Congratulations!!!
Congratulations to Jayne and Ash, some of the bestest of friends! Sometime over this holiday weekend they became engaged! Yay for you both!!!! :oD :oD :oD

It must be a good weekend for proposals, because 2 PSU dancers also became engaged at midnight at the New Year's Eve dance in York! Isaac proposed at midnight, and Sunita was completely shocked, so I've heard. I found out about 45 minutes later after making a few New Year's phone calls. :o)

So now I have 4 weddings to look forward to in the next 2 years:

-In June 2006, my roomie from student teaching, Allison, and her fiancé Scott will be married up at West Point
-In the fall 2006 (?), Jayne and Ash
-No date set, Alex R. and Aaron C. (dancers/Atherton Hall)
-No date set, Isaac M. and Sunita D. (dancers)

One wedding already completed....and I still have pictures to upload from:
-Haink and Nicole, August 2005

It seems like everyone's getting married now. Come on, who's next? ;o)

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
8:38 pm - Bill Evans
So funny, sweet Bill Evans was killed on Monday in Iraq. I didn't even know he was in the military, although the bios that are being quoted online said that he joined the National Guard in April 2003. The last I knew about him until yesterday, was that he was working at Craige's, apprenticing as a photographer. Bill always had a camera around his neck in high of his pictures won a blue ribbon at the Harford Fair. It was an outline of a guy playing his guitar in front of a roaring bonfire. I always liked that picture.

Bill was in marching band, on the 3rd bass drum. I found a picture of him with the rest of the bass line in my photo album.....all with their shirts off, and BRHS printed across the 4 drummers' chests. He always made me crack up in marching band.......chorus too, when he was hanging out after school in Bennici's room.

He graduated a year behind me. I never thought he'd die at 22. He was just such a vibrant person. It's hard to believe.....I just can't cry, although I feel like it. Looking at the pictures I have of him crack me up...he had the best poses and facial expressions for pictures. I'm glad I have some taken of him, although they're years old.

Bill took all of my brother's graduation pictures while he was working for Craige's. That surprised me when my mom told me that. Every time I look at one of my brother's graduation pictures, I'll think of Bill and his skill as a photographer.

With the way my schedule is this semester, I doubt I'll be able to get home for the funeral....whenever they get his body shipped back from Al Ramadi, Al Anbar province, Iraq. Stupid camouflaged roadside bombs detonated by remote, killing one of the brightest stars from BRHS.

Reading one of the articles online about him, I found another guy I liked and knew well, Andrew, is in the military now. Please let Andrew and the rest of the BRHS military men be safe....Joe, Nick, Marcus, Rick, Scott, Alexi, and all the rest. Always thinking about you boys now...since we've lost one. other news, yes, I am student teaching. Fifth grade. Very busy. I'll have to make a real update sometime.....just needed to let out some of my feelings right now.

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Friday, July 30th, 2004
11:03 am - camera woes
I finally got my camera to a camera store downtown that Jayne spotted a few months ago...turns out that it wasn't the battery. The guy put another one in, and it still didn't work. He even cleaned the contact points for the battery, and that didn't help. Since he couldn't do anything else with it, he showed me 2 options that he could help with (admittedly, not the only ones though).

1. Send the camera out to be repaired. Apparently it's a flat-rate for "point shoot" types like mine, and he thought it would be around $60-70 dollars. Which is more than I paid for the camera itself when I bought it on sale at Ames on 10% for 55 people day, just about 2 years ago.

2. Purchase a new camera similar to the one I had (Vivitar 38-110 mm zoom, date a print, red-eye reduction, flash on or off options, and a few other things). While the guy didn't have my exact one, the Vivitar models with less zoom were only $10 more than it would be to repair mine, and the model with a better zoom was about twice as much as repairs.

I really like this camera, but I don't know if getting repairs is worth it when I can get a new camera for just about the same price instead. Or if I want to buy a new 35mm camera, just to use up the 10 rolls of film I have in my desk drawer, when I could buy a digital camera instead. And what about the 2 new batteries I bought for this camera, when I thought all it needed was new batteries when it broke in February.....

What do people think?

Off to the Farmer's Market now, then back to the apartment to sleep, since I worked all night last night and haven't slept yet!

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Sunday, January 11th, 2004
4:05 pm - hair today, gone tomorrow...

So I got a haircut on Friday before coming back to school.....

Before and After PicturesCollapse )

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